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Guidance at RAK Academy

At RAK Academy we are very proud of the fact that the vast majority of our students choose to continue their studies at university. Students attend universities in the UK and Europe, Australia, Canada, USA and The UAE.

To help them with their decisions, we have developed a structured Higher Education Programme, which all students follow. Our Higher Education Programme is based on the beliefs that students should receive;

  • Comprehensive, clear, accurate and objective information about the full range of learning opportunities open to them.

  • Impartial advice and guidance (with referral for specialist support in response to identified need).

  • Continuous and managed support.


Objective Information

We aim to provide each student with information, tools and resources to enable them to effectively research Higher Education options.



The process of deciding their options and moving towards making the right decisions can often be overwhelming. We will be on hand to talk through options and offer guidance for each student and discuss the pros and cons with them. However, it is important to keep in mind that we cannot make decisions for them.



As students make their Higher Education decisions we will support them in realising their plans. Our Higher Education programme aims to allow us to help students identify their strengths and aid in their application process. We also provide students with access to Kudos careers software which aids students in mapping their careers paths.


Preparation: Sixth Form

Students receive advice on their A-Level/ IB Diploma options from a university perspective and students and parents are invited to Higher Education Information Evenings. This is in addition to their KS4 Careers input through assemblies and tutor sessions. The Higher Education Programme begins in earnest in Year 12 when students receive regular Higher Ed. assemblies and seminars and are provided with opportunities throughout the year to meet with admissions tutors from the UK, US, Australia and the UAE. This culminates in a university fair where over 20 universities and university agencies attend the school for the day and meet with parents and students.

We offer Information Evenings to students and parents on various topics regarding Higher Education during Term 1 and invite each student to have 1:1 meetings throughout their time in Sixth Form. Parents are also welcome to contact us to arrange meetings and gain support and advice. We have a Guidance Counselor to ensure that all of our students are well-supported throughout the process. Tutors are on hand throughout the year to offer further guidance and support. Please email if you wish to make an appointment to discuss career options.

There are also a number of higher education fairs held in Dubai which are attended by world-leading universities which we promote and encourage our students to attend.

Year 9

Students complete a careers programme during timetabled PSHE lessons to aid in their decisions regarding subject choices for IGCSE and beyond. Students are encouraged to consider their strengths to look at possible career paths. While students will undoubtedly have reservations about choosing a fixed path the programme aims to encourage students to be reflective and to make subject choices that maximize their future opportunities for study.

Parents are invited to information evenings to allow them to engage with our students and participate in the important decisions that students will make.


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