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Child Protection & Safeguarding

RAK Academy Family of Schools takes its responsibility to protect and safeguard the welfare of children and young people in its care seriously. The welfare of all our young people is embedded within RAK Academy’s core mission: “To create a safe, stimulating and engaging learning environment.


RAK Academy has one overarching designated Child Protection Officer and a Deputy Child Protection Officer in each campus, to oversee child protection and safeguarding matters. However, all staff have an equal responsibility to: ​


·        uphold the school's policy for child protection and safeguarding​

·        set a good example by conducting themselves appropriately​

·        be alert to any indications that a child is at risk of harm​

·        provide a safe and supportive environment for pupils​


We monitor signs, potential risks and allegations of child abuse, through a confidential, trusting and fair process. We are sensitive to our diverse community and cultural contexts when preventing any child abuse. The Academy has documented policies to safeguard and promote the wellbeing of all enrolled students.


For any Child Protection & safeguarding concern, you can report to:

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