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Student Leadership

At RAK academy, we believe that students should have the opportunity to participate actively in academy life by taking up roles and responsibilities throughout the academic year in order to contribute to whole Academy improvement. 

This is key to a deeper student engagement and enables our students to participate in the sort of leadership opportunities which prepare them for life. They have a very important role to play in the day-to-day organisation of our Academy. 


Student Leadership aims to develop young leaders in our academy who are committed to making a difference to their own lives and to the lives of others. 

It builds the necessary skills, confidence and motivation for young people to engage directly in the wider improvement of the academy and, in particular, in the improvement of the learning experience. It enables students to become advocates for their own needs and the needs of others. It lies at the heart of building a sense of community and trust in academy and builds effective relationships.  The Student Leadership Team leaders work as a team across the academy, ensuring there is a consistent approach from Early Years through to Grade 12. 


Student Councils

The Student Councils are the primary voices of the student body. They help share student ideas, interests, and concerns with the wider school community. The purpose of the Student Councils is to give students an opportunity to develop leadership skills by planning and delivering impactful initiatives and service projects. In addition to planning events that contribute to the wider school community. 


Prefects have a range of responsibilities and duties and support positive behaviour around the Academy. They will need to be seen as positive role models in their everyday interactions at RAK Academy. The Prefects will be responsible for working in one of the 5 areas: 

Student Health & Wellbeing

  • 4 representatives-1 anti-bullying ambassador, 1 e-Safety ambassador and 2 health & wellbeing representatives

  • Community services (2 representatives) 

  • Academic Mentors (2 representativess) 

  • Environment & Eco Group (2 representatives) 

  • Reporters (2 representatives) 

They also work on a rota to assist members of staff with the health and safety of students at break and lunchtime.  


House System 

Our house system promotes our community team spirit, develops a child’s sense of belonging and celebrates achievements inside and outside of the classroom through special house days, social and sporting events and different competitions. 

At RAKA, we recognize that not all achievements happen in the classroom. We strongly believe in a comprehensive House system with the aim of developing a strong community which encompasses students, staff, parents and the wider community 

All events carry house points and students are encouraged to participate in the competitions.


We aim to encourage team spirit, and we believe instilling a healthy sense of competition to our children is a vital part of their development. 

It is important to us that this is filtered across the school through the curriculum, our sports, and our behaviour management and rewards systems to ensure all our children have the opportunity to succeed. 

To enable this, we will organise activities that test the physical, intellectual and creative elements of school life to promote critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication skills in our students. Every student is assigned a house colour on enrolment, so they can feel part of the school community from day one. Students accumulate house points throughout the year and the winning house at the end of the year is awarded the House Cup.  Each house is led by a captain.

House Captains

House Captains are ambassadors for their houses and represent houses at whole school events. They liaise with their Student Head of House and are involved in the planning, delivery and reviewing of competitions, events and promoting the ethos of their individual house 


Grade 12 Senior Leadership

Grade 12 Senior Leadership have mentoring and advising roles within the Student Leadership Team and collaborate with the team to support in the execution of different plans. 


Head Boy/Head Girl

The Head Boy and Head Girl represent the Academy and act as role models through their daily conduct. Both are ambassadors at whole Academy events, represent the Academy and the student body at a variety of public functions and take leading roles within the Student Councils and the prefects. They take a lead in ensuring student voice is effective and that decisions agreed upon are carried out. They liaise with the Student House Coordinator, Student Leadership Team Coordinator and other members of the Staff Senior Leadership Team and other members of staff on a regular basis to support the continuing improvement of the Academy. They lead the planning process of the Student Leadership targets and objectives. 


Student House Coordinator

The Student House Coordinator represents the Academy and acts as a role model through their daily conduct. They take leading role within the House Captains Team in the planning, delivery and review of competitions, events and promoting the ethos of each individual house. They liaise with the Head Girl and Head Boy, Student Leadership Team Coordinator, Senior Leadership Team and other members of staff on a regular basis to support the continuing improvement of the Academy. They lead the planning process of the Student Leadership targets and objectives. 

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