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Frequently asked questions relating to the re-registration process 

  • How do I re-register for the next academic year?

An email with your personalized re-registration link has been sent to you from the Admissions office in February; if you haven’t received the form, contact our admissions office ( ).

You are given three choices for re-registration: 

Choice 1: Guarantee your child's seat for 2020/2021.

To guarantee your child’s seat, please send the signed form back to the admissions team before May 3rd, 2020, to indicate your intention of continuing with RAK Academy for the academic year 2020/21. Please note that the last date to submit the deposit is May 20th to reserve your child(ren) seat.

Choice 2: If you cannot register with the relevant deposit payment before the stated deadline and are unsure of your future intentions, please let us know. It would be useful to supply a date when you estimate a final decision will be made.

Choice 3: Withdraw your child/ children if they are not able to attend next year.

  • How much are the re-registration fees?

Registration Fees: AED 5,000 per student, AED 4,000 per student for 2 siblings, AED 3,000 per student for 3 Siblings, or more.

  • My family will be leaving at the end of the year. What do we need to do?

You will still need to complete the re-registration form to inform us that you will not be returning so that we can ensure a smooth transition for your family. The Admissions office will be in touch later in the year with the withdrawal and clearance form so that you can receive the transfer documentation you require at the end of school. 

  • What happens if I do not re-register my child by 3rd May 2020/21?

If you have not re-registered your child(ren) by 3rd May by filling in the re-registration form sent to all parents and paying the deposit, we reserve the right to offer your child(ren)'s place(s) to external applicants.

If you have ticked ‘No’ and will not re-register, our Admissions Office will be in touch to help you with any transfer documentation required.

  • I am in arrears with my school fees from last year; what should I do?

Students with any outstanding fees may not be eligible to re-register for the following academic year. If you are experiencing any financial difficulties, please contact the finance department immediately as the continuity of your child's education is extremely important to us.

I have indicated that I will not be re-registering my child(ren); how do I obtain my leaving documents?

Once you fill the withdrawal form, Admissions will be in touch to help you with transfer procedures and required documents.

  • I have re-registered my child for the academic year 2020/21, and then we had to move out of the country?

Please inform the school as soon as possible if there is a change in your personal circumstances, especially if you think that your family will need to move outside Ras Al Khaimah or the UAE.
We will usually refund your deposit if a withdrawal application is made in writing to the Admissions Office by 30th July. The school may ask for further documentation to support your claim.

  • I have had challenges providing the documents asked for by the school to complete the registration process with MoE. What should I do?

Please work with our Admissions Team closely so that we can keep the MoE informed. Please also note when the school is unable to register students with MoE due to incomplete documentation, you may be asked to wait to take up your school place until the process is complete, which will result in your child not being able to join their class for the academic year 2020/2021.

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