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  • How old does my child have to be to enter RAK Academy?

Our entry grade at RAK Academy is PRE-K (Foundation Stage One of the British Curriculum.  Children must be 3 years of age on or before 31 August*.

*Ministry of Education announced in January 2021 that the age cut-off for new students joining KG1, KG2 and Grade 1 is the 31st August.

  • When you open admissions do and what do I need to apply?

Our admissions are open all year depending on eligibility and availability.  Please watch our website for the exact opening date every year.  It is very easy to apply, just fill in the online application form at the website and the admissions team will get back to you with required documents and payment details.

  • What does it cost to apply? 

The registration fee is 500 AED that is non-refundable/ non-deductible

  • How do I apply for a specific branch?

Applications are not made to a specific branch, but rather to RAK Academy.

Families will be able to express a preference for a branch, but final branch assignment will be made according to availability and with an effort to keep siblings at the same campus.

*Parents will not be asked for the registration fee until their branch is confirmed.

  • Can I make an appointment to discuss my child’s application? 

Yes. Our admissions team is here to help and will be more than happy to meet with you in order to guide you through the admission process and answer any questions you may have. Please contact  in order to schedule an appointment.

  • My child just barely misses the cut-off date. Can you make an exception?

We don’t make any exceptions for the cut-off date.  Ministry of Education policy is that children are to be placed according to the age criteria and therefore we stick strictly to the cut-off date.  The cut-off date chosen is in keeping with most international standards.


  • My child has special educational needs, can I apply to RAK Academy?

RAK Academy aims to ensure that all students have equitable access to a quality education alongside their peers and that a reasonable adjustment are made to the curriculum or learning environment to meet educational needs.

We provide a wide range of services provided by our qualified staff and SENCO Departments. 

Please note: there may be an additional charge for this service depending the age of the child and level of support required. 

  • My child doesn’t speak English, can I apply to RAK Academy?

The primary language of instruction at RAK Academy is English.  RAK Academy has a dedicated English as an Additional Language Department (EAL) that can help support students where needed.

  • My child is on the waiting list, when will I hear back?

RAK Academy operates at capacity, meaning that we can only accept a new student if a current student leaves.  If your child is on the waiting list, you will only hear back if and when a seat becomes available.  The admissions team is able to give you an update on your application at any time.  Our waiting lists stay active until the Ministry closes the transfer date between schools in Ras Al Khaimah.  Transfers from outside the Emirates and overseas are possible until the end of term 2 as long as the requited documentation is provided before starting.   The school strongly recommends early applications to avoid any disappointment. 

  • I have another child at the school, how do I apply for their sibling?

You are welcome to apply for another child to join the school at any time, however, in order to guarantee your sibling application is considered for the next academic year, we strongly recommend early applications. 

  • What will I have to pay and when if I get accepted?

Once accepted you will be asked to pay a registration fee of 5000 AED that is included in the annual tuition fee.  This amount is refundable as long as you inform the admissions and accounts team in writing by the 5th of July.

  • What type of assessment do you use for entry?

Children applying for Grades 2-11 will take an admission assessment here at RAK Academy.

The school uses a CAT 4 computer test that is a cognitive assessment in the following areas:

  • English

  • Math

  • Non-verbal reasoning

The assessment results along with the child’s report card will give important information to the school management regarding the child’s areas of strength and weakness and ability to be successful in the curriculum. 

It is the same assessment that is used internally and also provides a baseline for assessing progress once the child is admitted.

  • My child is applying for PRE-K-Grade 1 what test will they take?

The school will arrange a play based observation for children applying for PRE-K and KG1 and a paper based GL assessment for those applying for KG2 and Grade 1.  The GL assessment is a verbal and non-verbal test conducted by a teacher.  During the current COVID restrictions these may be arranged via a video call.

My child has already started at another school. Can I transfer to RAK Academy later in the year?

The Ministry of Education determines a closing date every year for transfer between schools in Ras Al Khaimah.  Please check with the Admissions Office for the most up-to-date information.


  • I’m coming from overseas mid-year. Can I apply to Rak Academy for mid-year?

Applications from overseas are accepted mid-year subject to availability.  Note that full residency documentation including attested transfer certificates must be submitted prior starting the school.

What kind of communication can I expect from RAK Academy?

The school website contains general information about school events and activities.  ClassDojo is a communication app for parents only and will contain important information specific to your child(ren). In addition to this, teachers and parents share email addresses for urgent information or to arrange face to face appointments. 


  • What are the class sizes at RAK Academy?

RAK Academy is committed to maintaining class sizes of no more than 25 pupils.

 For K through grade 2, there is one teacher and one educational assistant in each class. 
For grades 3-5, there is an educational assistant shared between two classes.  

What are the school hours?

Class    School Starts    Dismissal
Pre-K    9.00 AM    2.00 PM
KG1    7.45 AM    2.00 PM
KG2-Grade5    7.45 AM    2.30 PM
Grade 6- Grade12     7.45 AM    3.10 PM

  • Is school transport offered?

School transport is available for students from KG1 – Grade 12 depending on availability.  If you require transport for your child please follow the link below to the online transport application form:

  • What universities do RAK Academy students get accepted to?

Our students choose to continue their studies in various universities in the UK and Europe, Australia, Canada, the USA and the UAE.

  • What are the nationalities of the teachers?

We hire experienced highly trained and qualified practitioners at RAK Academy.  The majority of our teachers are British, although there is a mix of countries represented. 

Administrative staff are hired locally and internationally.

  • What foreign languages do you offer?

English is the language of instruction.  All our students also have the opportunity to study Arabic from KG1 and French from Grade 6. Spanish is also offered for students studying IGCSE program.

  • Where can I purchase the school uniform?

Uniform can be purchased either by visiting the stores located in the main campus in Khuzam gate number 2, or by using the online shop via the link below:

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