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We Are Officially a Learning Ladders ‘World Class Assessment’ Member School. RAK Academy family of schools is now officially accredited as a Learning Ladders Member School. This is part of our commitment to providing ‘World Class Assessment’ to all our pupils.

Learning Ladders helps teachers, parents and children to have better conversations about learning. The all-in-one system supports teachers with assessment data, parents with resources to continue learning at home, and children with ownership over their progress and achievements.

Parental involvement has a significant impact on academic achievement. As such, all parents at RAK Academy have access to Learning Ladders’ bank of teacher-written articles to support learning outside the classroom. You can also find easily digestible information about your child’s learning objectives; evidence in portfolios; homework; and termly or end of year reports.

Matt Koster-Marcon, CEO of Learning Ladders, says: “By becoming an official Learning Ladders Member School, RAK Academy is demonstrating that they make parental engagement and high-quality assessment a priority.

“Research has shown that involving parents and carers in a child’s education has a huge impact on outcomes. We support schools and parents to close learning gaps as part of our mission to help children learn more and learn better, and we’re delighted that RAK Academy is joining as part of this mission too.”

Watch the below video to learn more about the Learning Ladders at RAK Academy by Mr. Phillip Lee, Head of Education and Mr. Moray Dickson, Head of British School Al Hamra.

What is Learning Ladders ?

Learning Ladders is a platform offering student-centered teaching, learning and assessment tools specifically designed to help our teachers to teach, help parents to support and help children to learn.

What does Learning Ladders do ?


Learning Ladders provides teachers and Senior Leaders with accurate and meaningful data about students to support Teaching and Learning.

Teachers will get real-time gap analysis data, helping them to plan lessons accordingly and support individual students. Senior leaders will have access to high-level data analysis which supports them to provide the right resources and support for teachers and our students.

Our parents will be given tools which show clearly where their children are in their learning, including achievements and areas for improvement where appropriate. They will be able to access teacher-written content in over 100 different languages to enable them to support learning at home.

The students will have ownership of their learning with digital learning journey booklets, helping to facilitate meaningful conversations around their own progress and achievements with their teachers.

How does Learning Ladders support the development of our curriculum ?


Learning Ladders knows that every school is unique with its own unique curriculum. Learning Ladders supports each school within the RAK Academy family of schools to ensure that the curriculum is modified to meet the individual needs of all students.

The analysis within the platform will be used to review and develop our curriculum to ensure that all subjects meet the academic and personal needs of all students across our network of schools.


How will Learning Ladders support student progress ?


The in-depth assessment analysis Learning Ladders provides to school leaders and teachers will ensure that we can make timely, informed decisions from lesson planning to individual student support, to enhance progress for every child. Learning Ladders will become an integral part of our teaching, learning and assessment cycle to provide maximum impact for all. Their commitment, and ours, to engaging all stakeholders around every child means that students and parents will also be empowered in the learning journey throughout their time with RAK Academy.


How will Learning ladders engage our Parents as Partners ?

Learning Ladders removes any barriers for parents to help their child learn. The platform will enable us to keep our parents updated with their child’s progress anytime and anywhere. Learning Ladders content is available in multiple languages on a range of devices, to provide every parent with easy access to their child’s learning journey. This will help us to achieve our key priority of engaging parents as partners in their child’s learning throughout their time at RAK Academy.

Joining Learning Ladders as a brand ambassador is a key strategic development for RAK Academy and our family of schools. This will enable us to continue to deliver our vision ‘Learning excellence with a community heart’ and achieve our priority of engaging our parents as partners within the academy and in their child’s learning journey

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