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Well Being

Our schools play a vital role in promoting the wellbeing of staff and students. In today’s world, wellbeing is considered a major factor in quality of life, performance and productivity. Where a person's wellbeing reduces, so typically does his or her performance and effectiveness. Balanced wellbeing approaches help students and staff to fulfil their individual potential and bring wider benefits to the society.


Our approach to wellbeing is led by our guiding statements grounded in life-long learning, a broad education in a safe environment. Wellbeing relates to the interconnectedness of emotional, physical, health, cognitive, social and spiritual dimensions within the person. Wellbeing encompasses nurturing the self, providing pastoral care and helping others in the community.


Wellbeing aims to help students become happy, confident and resilient lifelong learners who contribute to their communities. Learning experiences enable students to lead themselves and others, make healthy decisions, and meet challenges of the future with hope and optimism.


RAKA has a dedicated student wellbeing team consisting of counsellors, teachers and management. Students’ progress is monitored and supported in all areas. All aspects of a student’s experiences, both in and out of school, contribute to their academic, personal and social development; hence it is essential that we involve parents, carers and families in our approaches to wellbeing. We monitor signs of, potential risks and allegations of child abuse, through a confidential, trusting and fair process. We are sensitive to our diverse community and cultural contexts to prevent any child abuse. The Academy has documented policies to safeguard and promote the wellbeing of all enrolled students.

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