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Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum in the Early Years


Good Early Years education is essential as it is a firm foundation for future learning and development. The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is considered an essential part of a child’s education, preparing children for the National Curriculum. Learning is underpinned by the EYFS philosophy of offering activities that are planned and structured with an emphasis on play and motivation. Children have the opportunity to play, talk, experiment, and repeat and reflect.

Above all, we encourage children to play to learn. Play is vital for learning and enables exploration through a variety of experiences, it encourages choice and decision-making. We believe that children develop and learn in different ways and at different rates. All learning is valued and interlinked. Every child matters and we encourage children to be strong and independent by developing secure and safe relationships with adults in their environment.

 Teachers will plan for six areas of learning 

  • Personal and social development

  • Communication, language, and literacy

  • Mathematical development

  • Knowledge and understanding of the world

  • Physical development

  • Creative development.

​Your child’s well-being is at the heart of our Early Years Foundation Stage.


Our Curriculum in Primary (KG2 to Grade 5)

We want all children to experience success and enjoyment of/in learning. The school aims to achieve high standards in teaching and to learn within a happy, ordered, and structured environment based on mutual respect and consideration for others. 

The curriculum we offer is based upon the National Curriculum (NC) of England and Wales, adapted to the context of the UAE. This internationally renowned curriculum is taught in over 180 countries worldwide.

It is based on the following principles: 

  • Balanced and broadly based 

  • Promotes their spiritual, moral, cultural, mental, and physical development 

  • Prepares them for the opportunities, responsibilities, and experiences of adult life. 

We ensure students benefit from a complete learning experience through the careful planning of lessons and experiences by our British trained teachers.  We aim to provide students with both the knowledge and skills needed to achieve and progress whilst to embed our RAKA values and attitudes throughout their learning journey.  We focus on ensuring all students develop as individuals, encouraging students to develop independent metacognition, (higher-order thinking) approaches to their learning, thus developing students as life-long learners. 

We want our students to enjoy their learning, to develop as free-thinking and self-motivated individuals, and above all, to excel academically and physically as the basis for a secure and successful foundation for the future. 


Supporting your Child’s Needs

At RAK Academy Khuzam Primary, we welcome students of all abilities and backgrounds, providing a supportive and international environment for your child to grow in. We believe that all students should be provided with a safe environment in which they enjoy learning and make outstanding progress.

Support for students begins at admission, with a thorough identification process to ensure that appropriate support is available; and continues with ongoing identification and support through the academic and student support networks.

We have a strong commitment to inclusion and pastoral support. Therefore, students identified as needing additional support will either receive targeted Special Educational Needs/Disability (SEND or Students of Determination) support from our RAKA ZONE Team or English as an Additional Language (EAL) support. RAK Academy also provides support to those students who are deemed as ‘More- Able’.  We believe that every teacher is a teacher of every student.

At RAK Academy, we offer the inclusive provision of ‘Quality First Teaching’ with additional support, intervention, differentiation, and personalization, where appropriate, through a graduated response.

Our provision ensures:

  • SEND students have Individualised Education Plans (IEP) that specify the structure of support, category of eligibility, the students’ areas of need and strengths, and interventions and goals.

  • SEND and EAL students are taught by well-qualified staff with high levels of expertise.

  • SEND and EAL students are supported to access a mainstream curriculum that challenges them academically and socially and sets high aspirations for their progress and achievement.

  • Support for SEND and EAL students is personalized to their individual needs, which might include withdrawal from lessons and/or in-class support.

  • The teaching staff is trained to know and understand how best to support children with SEND and EAL needs, building a repertoire of strategies in response to simple, pragmatic information provided by the SEND and EAL Teams.

  • A variety of assessment methods are used to monitor performance and progress.

  • Training and support are provided regularly to all support staff working within the SEND team.

  • Regular communication between parents, teachers, and the school is maintained.

  • The school has a SENDCo and has created strong links with external agencies such as Educational Psychology, ABA Therapy, and Occupational Therapy.

The school ensures that screening tests for Access Arrangements are undertaken and in place, for all those students who require this provision, for both internal and public examinations.


At RAK Academy we believe strong parental involvement in schools is a key part of students’ success. Therefore, we value and welcome working in partnership with parents to ensure that the right support and intervention is in place to support student’s needs for them to reach their full potential.  Should you have any concerns regarding your child’s education or learning needs please inform the school.  We encourage follow-ups with your child’s subject/class teacher in order to identify areas where the child is facing challenges, attendance at Parents Information Days/Evenings, as well as monitoring and supporting their learning at home.


Renamed in September 2018, the RAKA Zone has been developed to provide a positive environment where children with additional needs can learn and access support. The RAKA Zone includes 2 well-resourced classrooms, individual learning spaces, a sensory room and a functional skills area.  

A daily nurture club is also facilitated by the SENDCo and RAKA Zone Team each lunch time.


Additional interventions run from 7.30am- 8.30am each morning.

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