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Ras Al Khaimah emirate has its own charms, including world-class beaches and hotels, the world’s longest zip line, mountain, wilderness hiking opportunities, and for shoppers, there are some great shopping malls. The pace of life and cost of living is more attractive than in its more famous neighbor, Dubai. However, there’s no getting away from it - its proximity to Dubai is a boon in that you have one of the world’s premier travel destinations within one hour’s drive of the school; Dubai has so much to recommend it!

Perhaps its most convenient attraction and again near home is Dubai International Airport and the easy and cheap air travel it provides. Staff regularly visit many overseas destinations. Even without long-distance air travel, Abu Dhabi and Muscat are accessible by car. Abu Dhabi is a little over two hours’ drive away, which opens up further travel opportunities. The UAE serves most worldwide destinations.

Most top range hotels are represented in RAK, which have top quality eating opportunities and other restaurants are numerous. 


Ras Al Khaimah is renowned as a tolerant place to live and work, with a friendly and warm atmosphere among expats and locals alike. Many cultures and nationalities co-exist happily here and we are proud of our relaxed and positive approach where we celebrate our differences.

Outdoor Exercise
There’s no getting away from it; the abundance of outdoor pursuits opportunities gives most staff the chance to get fit. In the cooler times of the year, hiking, cycling, sports are a great way to unwind, while the hotter times can be tolerated in the plentiful gym club membership opportunities, together with beach access.
Although most don't advertise themselves very well, there is a wide array of sports available in RAK. As always, it’s a case of asking the right questions to secure the right information. There are some excellent golf courses, sailing, football, and all sports manner in between. You have to be prepared to go looking for what you’d like.

Indoor Exercise
Shopping is plentiful in RAK and even more so in Dubai. Rak malls contain most well-known chains, including H and M, Marks and Spencer’s, Zara, Top Shop, Debenhams, and many multinational restaurants and an array of different brands. Prices are reasonable and close to what you would pay in the UK or other suchlike places.

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