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 RAK Academy launches International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Scholarships

The scholarship covers up to 90% tuition fees

RAK Academy (RAKA) has an impressive heritage, ranking, and not-for-profit status, and offers competitive awards scholarships up to 90% of the tuition fee to high-performing RAK Academy students and external students who wish to pursue the two-year International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma during Grades 11 and 12.


RAKA attracts a diverse, ambitious, and engaged student body, leading to empowering outstanding students and inspiring them to pursue their educational objectives.


The scholarship programme takes academic merit as the primary qualification criterion, yet also aims to recognise talented students who show a strong desire to develop a lifelong commitment to lead and serve others. It seeks to identify in students the IB attributes of learning: students who are principled, open minded, caring, academic risk-takers, with the practical skills and tools to craft a life of service, impact, and passion.

The IB Diploma Programme is well-established at RAKA. An extensive range of subjects is offered at Standard and Higher Level, providing students with the best pre-university education and enabling them to access highly prestigious university courses worldwide. 


The IB diploma is recognized by almost all major tertiary institutions around the world. Some universities offer advanced placement, credit and bonus schemes for Diploma Programme (DP) students.

Universities and colleges benefit from admitting students from IB programmes in a range of ways. As a result of their time in the IB, students learn time management skills and a strong sense of self-motivation; they will also have a keen interest in civic engagement, not to forget their strong research and writing skills with a solid critical thinking ability.


Key dates

  • The deadline for scholarship applications is on Thursday 14th April 2022.

  • Scholarship results will be announced on Sunday 29th May 2022.

To learn more about RAK Academy and the Scholarship programme, please contact us at .