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The Wellbeing of Students

RAK Academy endeavours to be a caring community which promotes to the best of its ability the personal, physical and intellectual development of its students. 

Our schools play a vital role in promoting the wellbeing of students, staff and parents. In today’s world, wellbeing is considered a major factor in quality of life, performance and productivity. As well as increasing a person's opportunity and choices in life, promoting mental health and wellbeing as a core role in education helps students:

·      flourish in their education journey

·      build resilience against adversity

·      develop protective factors from mental ill-health

·      provide them with skills and confidence to self-seek help for early intervention.  

We believe that balanced wellbeing approaches help students and staff to fulfil their individual potential and bring wider benefits to the society. 


Our approach to wellbeing is led by our guiding statements grounded in life-long learning, a broad education in a safe environment. 


We believe that pastoral care is one of the most important provision in a school. Students cannot learn to the best of their abilities, if their pastoral needs are not met. Therefore, RAKA has a dedicated student wellbeing team consisting of counsellors, teachers and management. Different strategies and provisions are in place such as counselling sessions, mindfulness activities, awareness programme and focus programme to support our students in all areas.


All aspects of a student’s experiences, both in and out of school, contribute to their academic, personal and social development; hence it is essential that we involve parents, guardians and families in our approaches to wellbeing.


Tamar Harboyan Abou Samra

Wellbeing and Counselling Manager/CPO


Dear Parents,

I am pleased to share with you the many wonderful programs available to our students. As the Wellbeing & Counselling Manager/CPO,


I am dedicated to ensuring that your child has every opportunity to succeed in a safe, nurturing environment. Our goal is that your child will be enriched intellectually, emotionally, and socially so that they will become productive citizens, independent thinkers, goal-setters, and life-long learners. We understand that every child is unique, which is why we offer a variety of services to meet every child's needs. I serve our entire student body by presenting guidance lessons, awareness assemblies, mindfulness activities, one to one sessions and group counselling sessions. Throughout the year, I present different topics such as character strengths, friendship skills, bullying, safeguarding, healthy choices, kindness and problem-solving, to name just a few.

 In addition, the Wellbeing team offers resources, webinars and consultation to meet the needs of all our parents and students.

Students can be referred to me by a teacher, parent, friend or by themselves.


Parents can call me at 2362441 (ext.237) or e- mail m at: tamar.harboyan@rakacademy,org at any time for a phone conference or to set up a school visit.

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