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International Primary School Khuzam

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Message from the Head of School-IPK

Thank you for choosing IPK to educate your son or daughter. IPK holds a unique position within the group of RAK Academy. Our distinctive international character comes from our curriculum, the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP). This places us amongst the world’s leading schools who have chosen this curriculum for its strong focus on developing knowledge, skills, and understanding and a balance of personal skills. This will allow us to prepare our students for a future as 21st century citizens and what is needed to function as adults in the years 2040-2090. This is an unpredictable future for them and therefore our educational programme allows them to adapt to ever-changing expectations.  


The IBPYP curriculum is also more engaging and authentic than traditional curricula, as it moves beyond the factual level of thinking.  Students are expected to develop their higher order thinking skills at a conceptual level, leading to deeper understanding which is needed to be successful in life. The IB learner profile emphasises the importance of students to be global citizens and life-long learners as they are experiencing real life issues and are building confidence and success in their journey of learning. 


There is an emphasis on both academic achievement and students’ personal development that accommodates:  

  • local traditions and global events, promoting intercultural understandings;  

  • an inquiry and critical thinking approach studying knowledge and developing understanding in multiple integrated subjects;  

  • two world languages and cultures – English and Arabic;  

  • a caring, safe, and secure setting to develop social behaviour and emotional resilience.  


We provide students with a warm and caring yet challenging learning environment, where they are welcomed into the RAK Academy vision of ‘Learning Excellence with a Community Heart.’ We are a community embracing our local and global cultures and communities and help our students become successful global citizens.  


Being new in the school, I wish to share my more than 30 years of international experience as a leader with this fantastic community and wish to bring an exciting new era to the school which will greatly benefit all. I hope you will join the leadership team sessions that will outline our amazing curriculum and implementation of the PYP, as we work with parents on building an even stronger community feeling within our school.


Julliette Van Eerdewijk

Head of School

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