Student Life

Student Life

RAK Academy provides a wide and diverse range of physical, cultural, academic and social activities designed to develop well-rounded, positive and confident students of all ages within our schools. We value extra-curricular and enrichment opportunities as vital to nurture all learners.
Our Extra Curricular Activities program provides a diversity of opportunity for students who can select activities to match their interests, abilities and talents.
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Building upon a traditional British approach but developed to match the uniqueness of our family of schools, the ‘House’ system at RAK Academy provides a unique pastoral and sporting structure that places students of all ages into one of four houses. 
Whenever a child enrols at RAK Academy, they not only join the RAK Academy family, but they (and their siblings and parents) become a member of a ‘House’ (Green Falcons, White Eagles, Red Foxes or Black Horses). We build academic, pastoral and sporting opportunities into this system, ensuring leadership opportunities, a sense of belonging and friendly competition between Houses within each school and across the academy. All RAK Academy staff members are assigned to a House.
Student Leadership is given a high priority at RAK Academy. At all levels within each school, students are provided with opportunities to lead others, thus developing a range of skills to ensure that RAK Academy continues to develop the global leaders of the future.

Opportunities for Enrichment

student leadership

Student Leadership

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Social Responsibility​

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Our programme aims to develop and encourage student talents and interests.